You may already be informed about the Wachovia Fast Track Short Sale Program. It is a unique program that allows the short sale process to be very successful in a quick time frame. Please see details below.
Wachovia bank recently unveiled their new “Fast Track” short sale program developed for home owners with loans from World Savings, World FSB, Golden West Financial and of course Wachovia.  This new short sale program has been streamlined to enable fast and easy processing, and can provide relief for San Diego & Riverside County home owners who are having trouble making their mortgage payments, or who are upside in the mortgage debt.

The “Fast Track” program offers many advantages as compared to a normal short sale or foreclosure, as follows:

  • No Hardship letter is required.
  • Tax Returns are not necessary in order to qualify.
  • If one is employed, paystubs are not required.
  • Wachovia is committed to a 7 Day approval process.
  • The “Fast Track” program provides for pre-approved short sales which allow the property to be sold for a higher price and in a quicker time frame.
  • This program also offers possible “Cash for Cooperation” of $2,500 to $6,000
  • Home owner does not need to be late on their mortgage payments.
  • Credit report may have just a slight derogatory due to this Fast Track short sale, and report will only show “settled for less than owed”.
  • All Wachovia deficiencies will be forgiven.
  • Personal meeting with a Wachovia Manager at your home to obtain approval.

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