Short Sell and Buy a Nicer Home, for Less Money, within 1 month or Less!

YES! This unique Short Sale and Buy Program allows southern California homeowners to Short Sale their over mortgaged upside down home, restore their credit rating that was compromised by the Short Sale, and then buy a similar home at today’s substantially lower home prices within a period of 1 months or less.
For homeowners who are upside down, there are several options to choose from as follows:

  1. Do Nothing: Keep Paying the over-encumbered mortgage for the next 10 to 16 years until home prices return to where they were in 2006.
  2. Loan Modification: Maybe lower payments, but with the same high mortgage loan balance. Reposts show that only 25% of Loan Mod applications are granted.
  3. Foreclosure: Stop making payments, eviction from home, ruined credit and loan worthiness, and become a renter for the next 5 to 7 years.
  4. Short Sale and Buy Plan: Utilizing our Short Sale n Buy program, one can short sale their existing home and buy a similar home for substantially less, within a period of 1 month or less.

 Short Sale and Buy Home Program

$650,000 Purchase in 2005.
Valued at $350,000 Today.
  $375,000 Purchase in Today’s Market
with 3.5% Down Payment.


Each situation is evaluated prior to the undertaking of the short sale process, so that the home selling client has full disclosure as to the potential outcomes. For more information about our Short Sale and Buy Program. No Seasoning on SHORT SALES, no mortgage lates at time of sale.

Do I really need an experienced Short Sale expert to Conduct my Short Sale?

Well, it is possible for any real estate agent to list, sell and negotiate a Short Sale. But nationwide reports have shown, (as well as our own analysis of short sale closing in our local Multiple Listing Service) that over 50% of Short Sales fail to close escrow. Inexperienced agents often don’t fully understand the intricacies and leverage points of a short sale transaction, in order to close such transactions at a high percentage rate. You typically only have one shot at a short sale with the Banks, so it is best to work with seasoned professionals. No cost to you the home seller.
If you do not have enough equity, and you must sell your property as a short sale we have the expertise to do so also and close escrow in 45-60 days or less. Learn more about mortgage relief options and how to take advantage of our FREE REALTOR (R)  CONSULTATION for loan modification and or selling 
More questions we can help you, at County Properties, 25 years of brokerage experience, trust and a Member of the local Better Business Bureau!
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