County Properties has gone to great lengths to provide our homebuyers with the highest level of service available in every aspect of your home purchase. Over the years our sales team has closed homes with hundreds of different lenders.  In doing so, we have seen our homebuyers incur unnecessary costs by some of these lenders.  This is why we have selected a preferred lender for homebuyers to assist you by providing financing for your new home. 

You may ask yourself, why it is necessary that each homebuyer obtain final loan approval with a preferred lender?  This explanation may help in clarifying any questions you may have as a prospective homebuyer.

• PROFESSIONALISM:  The preferred lender is thoroughly pre-screened in the following areas:  financial stability, references, experience, number of financing programs available, ethics and fees.  We insist that our clients receive the most competitive fees / interest rates and are treated with honesty and integrity. 

• TIMING: When purchasing a new home there are crucial timetables that must be followed.  If the loan approvals are not issued in conjunction with our building timetables, it may prevent us from including in your home many of the “optional” selections you may have selected.  In addition, because many lenders are not familiar with new home construction, your decision to use a lender other than the preferred lender may result in delays in final delivery of your home.  This delay may also create moments of undue and undeserved stress and costs to you.

• ACCOUNTABILITY: If an approved lender does not treat you with ABSOLUTE respect, or if, due to their performance, they fail to meet specific deadlines or close the transaction in a timely manner, they stand to lose more than just your satisfaction.  They could also lose our future business.  For this reason, we are confident that out homebuyers will receive every extra consideration.

COSTS: The preferred lender has a proven track record. Often times when an outside lender is selected by a homebuyer many extra and costly burdens are placed on the escrow company to provide additional documentation to that lender.  Any costs for this additional documentation may be passed on to you.  We prescreen the preferred lender for overall loan costs and “junk fees”.  It is our goal that you receive the best loan program for your needs at the lowest of cost.  In addition, the preferred lender can provide you with long-term interest rate