Common Questions (FAQ's)

Q-What do I do to get started on buying a home?
A-Working with an experienced buyer’s agent, that has knowledge of today’s market is an important first step. It is better to work with one Realtor when searching and buying a home. All real estate agents place thier properties in the MLS Multible listings system and one Realtor will have acess to all the potentional properties you are looking for, listing agents who work for the seller cooperate with buyers agents..There are many ins and outs to today’s real estate environment, so you want to establish a relationship with… and pick just one Realtor. That Realtor has to be honest and straightforward with you and help you- not only find the right home, but also help you figure out what to offer on that home. In addition, your Realtor will aid you in navigating through the whole home buying process, such as finding the best loan program to suit your financial needs and assist you in finding a good home inspector and assist in what to look for on a final walk-through, all this expertise results in having a successful close of escrow.

Q-Can I see the inside?
A- Call me, as your County Properties buyer’s agent I will represent you and make an appointment to see the inside. You can drive bye, please do not disturb the occupants.

Q-How do I buy a government property on List #1 of our website?
A- 1. $100 Down Payment – available to owner occupant purchaser(s) using FHA financing to purchase their HUD home. These homes have a deadline when bids are due, call ASAP if you see a home your interested in. 2. $1,000 sales allowance to be paid at closing to owner occupant purchaser(s) on properties purchased with a full price offer. (Type of financing used is not a consideration for this incentive.) 3. On the VA owned homes sell on a daily basis. VA loan finacing for Veteran and Non Veteran are eligible, Down Payment 0% Down Payment — if Owner Occupied, 5% Down Payment — if Investment/Non owner occupied, 20% Down Payment – processing will be streamlined. Call me, as your County Properties buyer’s agent I will represent you and make an appointment to see the inside.

Q-How do I purchase a property?
A-As your Real Estate agent I will verify with your lender that you are pre-qualified. After showing you the property, if you are interested in purchasing, we will do the paper work needed to make an offer. It will take approximately 30 minutes to do all the paperwork.

Q-How do I know what I can afford and what kind of financing is available?
A- We will arrange for a loan officer to contact you from a reputable bank. The loan officer will ask you a few basic questions on the phone and let you know what price range and payments you can qualify for. Getting started: 1. Know your price range & payments by being pre-approved with a reputable lender 2. Set up a search to start shopping for your home or investment, eg. VIP Search on menu. 3. Negotiate and close escrow Each one of these steps will take sometime so we recommend that you first start with the lender and your pre-approval. If you’re ready to start the process please read the following: When you find a good deal in this market, properties are receiving multiple offers. Having a letter of pre-approval from your lender makes your offer stand out as a strong offer. Due to the current financial market, mortgage brokers are having difficulty approving loans because of the strict guidelines being put in place. We recommend using one of our preffered lenders. You can get your pre-approval started with a 15 minute phone application. Our company has implemented a hotline phone number that goes directly to the loann officers, who are available to take your information, go to Financing & Mortgage info on menue to the right..

Q-How much do I need to buy?
A- Typically, a deposit of $2,000.00 or more depending on the situation. Also, depending on what type of loan you are obtaining you will need 3% of the sales price for closing costs. Closing costs can sometimes be negotiable with the seller as a credit to you as the buyer. Down payment varies with each property, loan and buyer. All information needs to be reviewed with a lender prior to purchasing.

Q-Can I move in the property when my offer is accepted?
A-The day escrow closes you can to move in, unless otherwise negotiated. Our agent will notify you when escrow closes. Typically 30-45 days from the day escrow opens.

Q-What is escrow?
A-Escrow is a 3rd neutral party that coordinates collects and distributes paperwork and funds. Escrow opens after offer has been accepted. Escrow does not help with any negotiating or any advice. We as your agent will help you and manage all the facets during escrow.

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