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Mayor’s Water Conservation PSA

New Water Conservation Regulations in Effect

Beginning June 1, 2010, irrigation is limited to 10 minutes per watering station and watering may begin at 6 p.m.

Please go to the Water Emergency Information and Resources web page for all the new regulations.

Water Supply Crisis

The San Diego region is experiencing an unprecedented water supply crisis. There are environmental stresses, including the ongoing drought in the Colorado River basin and reduced snow pack and runoff in Northern California.
In addition to these environmental stresses, court-ordered pumping restrictions on the State Water Project have continued to reduce the amount of water that can be delivered to our region. San Diego’s water wholesalers have already announced that they will reduce their water deliveries to the area. Since San Diego imports 85-90 percent of its water, these conditions put considerable stress on the City’s water system.
Due to these circumstances, and the threat of further limitations on our water supplies, the City of San Diego has declared a Level 2 – Drought Alert. All customers now have restrictions on how they can use water. Please go to the Drought Alert page to see how this impacts you.



We all have to do our part to conserve water, lets keep San Diego’s water safe.
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