This year is starting off with Countrywide and Bank of America joining forces and the first time in history it snowed in Iraq. "Is the glass half empty or is it half full. " When I woke up this morning the news kept raking in havoc about these events, some opinions is typical news of how bad can it get, just to have big bad news event. The truth about these events seem pretty positive. The buyout will make B of A a better bank by joining with Countrywide’s largest home loan platform that originates more loans then other banks, Countrywide will have the backing of B of A financial support.

I heard also comments from an interview about recessionary fears in 2008 saying "we shouldn’t talk about it because the talk would create fear and consumers will hold off on participating in their lives including not spending." Thats true but then on the same interview they started talking doom and gloom on the future housing market. The bottom line is fear sells news and stories, not products and homes. The sub prime mess has started its corrections, the feds will respond by lowering the rates significantly, long overdue. The world economy is still strong. The question is are we going to be paralyzed in fear like a deer in the road when they see headlights coming towards them or start moving forward, buying all these great deals that are out there.

Our company County Properties sells bank owned properties for Countrywide, Wells Fargo and various other banks. We are looking forward to an exciting 2008 of good opportunities for our clients (especially buyers). For more info feel free to move forward and go to our website click here County Properties.

By the way when they first noticed it started snowing in Iraq for that short of time the shooting stopped. This could be the begging of a new kind of miracle the whole world could use.