Rancho bernardoRancho Bernardo is a hilly planned community of the city of San Diego, California, located in San Diego County. They have tons of entertainment including the Bernardo Concerts Association, RB Chorale, CA Center of The Arts, Lawrence Welk Resort Theatre and Poway Center for The Performing Arts. Some local attractions are The San Diego Wild Animal Park, Birch Aquarium and Balboa Park.

Rancho Bernardo has felt the tread of Indian, conquistador, mission padre, soldier, traveler, cattle rancher, and developer. The Rancho’s roots are deep in the beginning of our nation’s history from the conquistadors who stopped here, to the Battle of San Pasqual in 1846. This Battle was the climax of the struggle of the young United States of America, to bring California into the Union. Rancho Bernardo has felt the moccasin feet of the padres, from the Mission of San Diego and their converts, as they tended grapes and herded cattle in its rich valleys and fertile hills.