RamonaRamona is known as the Gateway to San Diego and North County’s Inland Mountains is also known as the Valley of the Sun. It is located above the fog line and below the snow line.  Ramona is one of the oldest established communities in San Diego County and has become a magnet for Antique shops in the past few years. This has caused many to call Ramona the Antique Capital of San Diego County. Ramona citizens lined Main Street years ago with beautiful eucalyptus trees. They were hand-watered when first planted during the summer months to keep them alive. Current Ramona citizens and visitors reap the beauty and shade of the eucalyptus trees. If you like to picnic, hike, or just play, Ramona has four great parks for you to enjoy. Also, you can come take a day to enjoy Lake Sutherland Reservoir. If golfing is your fancy then Ramona has two of the most challenging championship courses you’ll ever golf.