Bettye Farar

This company Nu-View Home Improvements is ran by a woman name Bettye Farar who has been in the industry for over 25 years in Southern California.  She has a small overhead, high quality products, installer/applicators, and a low overhead.  So she works directly with her clients now, and runs their jobs herself, and passes on huge savings to them
Her specialties are exterior lifetime coating, and vinyl retrofit windows.  She is an expert in both.  Pricing is fair and the workmanship quality and products are the best. 
Nu-View has been licensed since 1992. The owner is a woman that has been has been in the industry for over 25 years. The focus of the company is to help homeowners to improve the functionality, the aesthetics, and the value of their home. Offering quality workmanship and top quality products are the company’s number one goal.
Improving the energy efficiency and therefore saving money on utilities, as well as increasing enjoyment in their home more is on everyone’s wish list for changes to their home. For example, the Coolwall Coating has been shown to save money on utility costs up to 21.9%. It is thicker than paints and functions chemically to earn its lengthy warranty. The vinyl dual pane windows reduce energy flow as well as offering soundproofing and they operate effortlessly. Solar panels are recognized for huge savings on living costs.
The products are superior in quality and held in high esteem in the industry. They are beautiful and due to their composition, will remain that way for years to come. The coating is very thick and unlike paint, it has the ability to retain its integrity against chipping, flaking, and peeling. The windows have extra thick glass panes, double what the industry standards demand. The frames of the vinyl windows are wide and the sculpted in a classic style with virgin vinyl.
All crews are factory trained and authorized. Most of them have been known by the owner of the company for over 20 years. All crews and crew members are courteous, respectful, and communicative. Their objective is to have happy, satisfied customers.
It is Nu-View Home Improvements goal to have all customers enjoy the process and have wonderful results provided to them.
Bettye Farar
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