Multiple Offers are here again!

        Investors are back in San Diego and Riverside, counties and “Multiple Offers†are here again. Foreclosures in San Diego priced under $450,000 in the last sixty days are selling for 99% of the listed price. Several homes in the San Diego area are on the market for less than a week and ten offers or more coming in at a time. REO or Bank Owned asset managers are changing the rules, telling listing agents that they will not consider any offers until the home has been on the market for at least three days, which allows more people an opportunity a chance to bid and nets a higher price for the bank… Buyers and investors are competing for homes thru out the county and numerous people are getting out bid and feeling left out. This is where buyers really need the help of a Real Estate professional, to stay on top of new opportunities and get good advice on how to bid and secure the home.

        Many parts of the country are experiencing harsh climate, making America’s finest city seem more attractive, so buying now only makes good sense. Don’t forget when buying or investing in real estate that our priority is to help get you the best bang for the dollar on your purchase. We are on standby for you when your ready to get started, if you are ready go to my website at County Properties.