Below is information on the wedding planner Sabrina Cadini of LA DOLCE IDEA, who arranged Michelle and Travis Roberts wedding a personal friend of ours (Arnie & Lisa Levine of County Properties). It was a wounderfull experience!
Turning your dreams into reality takes time, planning and attention to the smallest detail. Weddings are about lifestyle, culture, sense of style and your personal story that all should be translated into your wedding day. 
We at LA DOLCE IDEA work closely with our brides and grooms to create a wedding that is unique and true to their personalities. Our personalized packages cover different aspects that are needed to create a memorable wedding, from start of planning to the end of your reception (and even your honeymoon!). 

Sabrina Cadini wedding planner

Sabrina Cadini

My name is Sabrina Cadini, stylist and creator of La Dolce Idea Weddings and Soirées. I began my career in wedding and event planning in Italy, where I was born. There, I had the opportunity to meet amazing designers while modeling and working as a TV announcer. It was fascinating to see how they could turn a bare studio into an incredible and colorful setting for a TV show or a photo shoot with different materials, lighting, decor, and fabrics. I learned how to transform ordinary spaces into the perfect ambiance for any kind of event by using meaningful and personalized details. 
After moving to the United States, I volunteered on several local boards and coordinated some fundraising galas. I then began managing events on a larger scale for medical conventions all over North America as a tour operator and meeting planner. However, weddings and special events have always been my biggest passion. 
Known for my chic style and calming presence, my personal attention goes into every single detail. I am a textile fanatic and obsessed with colors, I love DIY projects when they tell about your story, and I will be honored to be part of the process of styling and designing your wedding or event by providing unlimited professional advice. I also enjoy fusion weddings that bring the heritage of both bride and groom together. 
By fusing creativity, Italian style, and unique fashion into impeccably planned events, La Dolce Idea creates timeless and glamorous celebrations for many clients. 
I look forward to helping you with your once-in-a-lifetime celebration! Let’s connect today and start planning with more style and less stress! 
Sabrina Cadini  
Titles And Awards 
* Professional Bridal Consultant™ (designation received from the Association of Bridal Consultants) 
* Co-Director of ABC, San Diego Region – 2010-2012 
* Winner, 2011 Bride’s Choice Awards, Wedding Wire 
* Winner, 2011 BizBash Tabletop Competition 
Contact information 
Phone: 858.688.5724 
E-mail: [email protected] 
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LinkedIn: SabrinaCadini 
Skype: ladolceidea

Michelle and Travis

Michelle and Travis Wedding Personal friend of Arnie & Lisa Levine

Michelle and Travis Wedding


Michelle and Travis Roberts

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