Last week, the state of California began sending out $600 state stimulus checks to taxpayers earning up to $75,000, part of the Golden State Stimulus plan intended to help residents get back on their feet during the slow economic recovery. A first round of $600 payments was made in February to taxpayers earning up to $30,000 annually. This second round was approved in July for taxpayers earning between $30,000 and $75,000, and will consist of $600, or for those with dependents, $1,100. This round will be sent in batches, the first of which numbered 600,000 and totaled $345 million. The payments were deposited directly into taxpayers’ bank accounts for those who had filed their 2020 state tax returns and provided their bank information. People who have not provided their bank information will receive paper checks in the mail, which should take about three weeks. Residents do not need to do anything beyond filing a 2020 tax return to get a payment. The deadline for filing tax returns for 2020 is Oct. 15, and people who file closer to that date will not get stimulus payments until after they file. The state will send out further batches every two weeks. To check whether you qualify for this stimulus payment, go here