Will the government do a successful bail out or are they being irresponsible? We sit and wait today for Washington to decide on the bail out program. Well, probably not today, knowing how the government was slow to react to the problems starting back in 2004.

    So why today do we trust the same decision makers, who all have advisors with high level college degrees, who knew the economic signs 4 years ago and didn’t steer the financial market toward the correct course? The problem was simpler to fix then with implementing tighter money guide lines, instead of letting Wall Street investors (who’s mission statement appears to be “Greed is good”) to get into the banking industry. This allowed them to dictate banks qualifying buyers with guidelines like, “if they have good credit and a pulse it will be a good loan.”

    The mortgage and financial district problems continued to grow like sinking in quick sand, because we are not being lead by our government leaders with moral and ethical examples. The word bailout means the source of one responsibility is being transferred to someone else, like you and me, the American people and the tax payer. For example, why not use the 700 billion towards, tax incentives for hybrids, solar energy, energy alternatives to help win the war against terrorism, etc.?

    I am proud to say I am a homeowner, who saw values decrease in my neighborhood and has temptation of these ideas, but did not act on them. I see the value in my home and hope in this country to steer the course and hold steady. When I wake up in the morning with my cup of coffee and go out to my yard, I see the land I own and breathe the fresh air. It’s then that I experience the true American dream, not a bailout. Let us move forward as an American, I know we can solve problems in a creative and productive way.