The California Energy Commission just released an updated 2011 Home Energy Rating Services (HERS) booklet with the following changes:

  • Updated cover page
  • Information on 2011 tax credits

The 2011 updated edition of the HERS Booklet: What Is Your Home Energy Rating? is a colorful and informative publication created by the California Energy Commission to

  • Describe Whole-House Home Energy Rating services and their benefits, and how to find a certified professional HERS Rater.
  • Provide home buyers, sellers, brokers, and appraisers with information about the opportunity to invest in energy efficiency improvements at the time-of-sale.
  • Explain the desirability of obtaining utility bills from the seller.
  • Identify the potential of adding sales appeal and value to your home through energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Offer options for financing energy efficiency improvements and explain where to find tax credit and rebate information.

Click here to download and print the color version.
Click here to download and print the black and white version.
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