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About Rhonda Kirwan
This a is a site devoted to my personal fitness journal.  It starts with me but I want to include others.  I think its important for everyone to be healthy and if I can be of help in some way, I want to be.  I’m a goal setter, not big hilatious goals, but big enough to keep me going.  I set them, I strive toward them, I achieve them and then I set them again.
Egad what is that
Yuck! Eww! Gross! Where the heck did THAT come from?!! I didn’t buy that! I didn’t ask for that! And I certainly didn’t pray for that! WTH!!!?
THAT! My friends is an extra 10 pounds of flab. Settled in a comfy position somewhere just below my belly button and slathered down my hips, buns and thighs. THAT my friends is 8 weeks of not giving a rip about what I ate, how much I exercised and wearing baggy clothes. AHH! Makes me just wanna…
I’m not proud of my “extra”. As a matter of fact I’m quite disturbed by it all. And I mean ALL of it. Now, before you start the whole “ahh, you look great!” “you could use a little extra!” “you can’t tell at all!” and whatever other crazy comments are coming to the tip of your tongue, please, don’t say it and don’t even think it. We all have our “extra”. I just don’t WANT mine.
Now, I don’t want to just “drop” these extra 10 pounds that somehow found their way to my body after September. Why? Cuz if I drop them, that means I can pick those bad boys right back up again and if I’m really lucky maybe even add a few! Nope. Not gonna just DROP them. And no, I don’t want to “lose” ‘em either. Cuz that means I will somehow find them again and yep, you guessed it, they’ve probably made friends with a few others and I’ll have to bring all of them back! NOPE. NO WAY. There’s gotta be another way.
I was discussing these extras with my hubby and although I’m sure he just digs his super fit/hot wife (but is secretly wondering where she went ;) ) he loves me no matter what. Its not my looks that he loves, wink wink. He suggested that the extras could be used as a weight lifting tool. What? “You know, its like you running with the baby (the baby is a 12 lbs weighted vest) it may be more difficult to run but see what great shape you will be in!” See my look of pure dumbfoundedness (is that even a word?)? I think he’s trying to say he’s not ready to go on some crazy meal plan or start some wild challenge. (Little does he know ;) ) And I retort, “uh, at this rate, in the next 3 months my extra 10 could easily become an extra 25! And, oh HELL NO! I am NOT going to carry THAT around and proudly call it my “weighted vest”! First of all, I can take OFF the baby in moments and second, this is no vest, this is like a lumpy body suit.” “Ahh”, he replies. Really? Has he lost his mind? Good lord!
So, I’ve gotta find a way to get rid of this extra. I can’t sell it. I’m pretty sure no one wants to buy it. I don’t care if they say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. This definitely ain’t no pot of gold! I don’t want to give it away. Again, who would want it? It’d be like the horrible white elephant gift that you get stuck with after a Christmas office party or the forbidden fruit cake that would be better used as a door stop.
So… I’ve got to make it disappear! For good! Poof! Gone! Never to return! Oh, if it were only that easy!
But, I am going to make it disappear. Not with a snap of my fingers (can you imagine how rich I’d be?!) but with every day determination. Smart choices, wise decisions and a daily commitment, that’s how these extras will become a figment of my imagination and a distant memory!
Egad! THAT has got to go! ;)
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