For many Americans, low credit scores is the only thing that prevents them from getting their home loans approved. As a matter of fact, 90% of all Americans have negative or derogatory items on their credit reports.
Legal Credit Repair is sweeping the nation in today’s harsh economic struggles. Loan officers and Brokers are referring their turned down and declined clients to professionals to assist them in getting those clients turned around and pointed into the right direction.
The Fair Credit Report Act allows the consumer to legally challenge those negative trade lines that appear on their reports. Unfortunately, the bureaus are better educated than the average consumer, concerning these matters, and know how to manipulate the situation where the consumer will lose in their efforts of disputes. General dispute letters are just not as effective as in days of old.
This firm offers very aggressive legal challenges when disputing that negative information that appears on your reports. They can repair anything from items that’s public record, to collections and late-pays, down to something that’s as simple as wrongful personal information.
They offer free analysis and consultation. If you are looking for home and/or automobile loan approval, or general clean-up of your reports. Please do not allow low scores to prevent you from reaching your goals.
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