Arnie LevineMy name is Arnie Levine, I’m 60 years old and I was a “Closet Cancer Case”, until now! I am the Broker/Owner of County Properties and have been in Real Estate for 27 years. I was afraid to talk about my cancer within my career because I felt it would hinder the business. I decided to take a stand, because cancer affects everyone. I have encountered this outside my career and within! There are many colleagues, friends and family that need me to have a voice!
 How my story starts out:
In mid 1999 I started feeling low energy and just not right. I started out by going to my GP, who diagnosed me with low testosterone. I started taking supplements for 4 months, not getting any better but. Growing lumps on the side of my neck! This went on for 4 months and my mother stood up and said you need to go see another Doctor! Mothers know best, I took her advice and went to see a ENT on my birthday almost death day 12/28/1999.  He took one look at my lumps and said I would like to take you across to the hospital and get a biopsy right now.
We did and it came back positive for cancer. Immediately I went to an oncologist who properly diagnosed me with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma high grade stage 4 and low grade. I wanted a 2nd opinion of course. My oncologist said yes by all means, but we need to start treatment asap, you do not have a lot of time.
I decided to start treatment within that week and that is why I am here today! I was cancer free, so I thought; I had a relapse in 12/2004. The high grade lymphoma was cured however the low grade was not. There is no cure for the low grade as of yet. I did the 4 month chemo regime and went back into remission.
Again I relapsed in 4/2010 and finished chemo 8/24/2010, I am now in remission again. Hopefully we will have a permanent cure with your help, volunteers that fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (website ), and give funds to researchers. 
I am now volunteering and public speaking for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My company website now has a Cancer Survivor blog at  which I will keep updating with new information on my activities for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.