Don’t have cash to purchase and my lender won’t lend on this home because it needs work…
GOOD NEWS! You can borrow the money to add all your tastes and likes to this large home with a Renovation FHA 203k loan.  This type of loan allows you to borrow money for the purchase of the home plus borrow the money for the renovations! It is a great opportunity.

  • No Waiting
  • No Hassles
  • It’s the Financing You Need
  • When You Need It

Improvements on your property can begin immediately after closing, so your team of professionals can get started right away. No need to wait for that modern kitchen or new roof. No need to pass up a house that’s in the ideal location, but needs improvement. And since you’re only applying for one loan, there’s only one application, one set of fees and closing costs, one closing to attend, and one payment each month.

  • Get a loan based on the home’s value after improvements are made.
  • Save time and money with our one-time closing.
  • Update an older home.
  • Finance a foreclosed property and make needed repairs right away.


  • Repair roofing, gutters and downspouts.
  • Build a garage or add a room.
  • Remodel kitchens and baths.
  • Replace flooring, tiling and carpeting.
  • Update plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical systems and appliances.
  • Landscape yard, build deck or fence.
  • Install or repair well or septic system.
  • Add energy efficient windows, doors or siding.

Have you found a good home at a great price that just needs a little work?
Do you already own a home that could use some upgrades?
A Renovation Loan is the solution!

This loan is perfect for:

First-time Home buyers.
Homeowners looking to upgrade an existing home.
Bank-owned Foreclosure Purchases.
Here’s an example of what a Renovation Loan can do for a home that just needs a little TLC.

Before FHA 203K

Before FHA 203K


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