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There are reports that some investors are buying up GSE stock.  It’s believed that if they do come our of conservatorship that it will be well worth the investment.
Certainly could be the case couldn’t it?&nbsp The truth of the matter is that the GSE’s are making money hand over fist and have been successful for decades with the small exception of the mortgage meltdown.&nbsp But the GES’s weren’t the only victims of the collapse of the mortgage market.&nbsp There were plenty more, but the big difference is that the GSE’s hold such a prominent position within the industry.

So why put the mark of death on them?nbsp They, along with a gazillion other mortgage companies have righted their ship and are sailing along in safer waters, so why tear them apart?nbsp Because they were bailed out?nbsp So were a lot of other companies that aren’t under the continual threat of being flushed down the toilet.nbsp It’s absurd to have the cross hairs on the only government affiliated agency that’s making money.nbsp We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.nbsp “It’s all better now, take them out of conseratorship you ninnies!”

If anyone thinks that by replacing the GSE’s with some sort of private hybrid is going to remove the possibility of another bailout if it’s ever needed again, they’d be crazy.nbsp Bailouts are always a possibility that lurk on the horizon regardless of all then new laws and rules that have come forth since the recent apocalypse.nbsp So set Fannie and Freddie free.nbsp Let them flourish and pay back their bailout rather than sweep all the profits into the treasury as dividend payments, and let private capital come back into the market as it clearly wants too.

That’s all we got to say about that.

Oh and here is the link for all the Private and Public schools we referred to in the first story.

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