BluWood House Debuts in Louisiana
2498 LAFAYETTE, LA – The blue house under construction was quite a sight in the Louisiana city of Lafayette, named for the French military hero who fought the British in the Revolutionary War. These days the war is against the legendary Formosan termite, which eats away at homes' foundations, especially in Southeastern U.S. where humidity and moisture are breeding grounds for the destructive pest.

For Robley Broussard, a local builder who has been constructing homes for over five decades, the solution was BluWood, a wood with a blue hue that is coated with a film that resists moisture. "Imagine a lifetime warranty for a product that will not rot or attract termites," marvels Broussard, who has had two BluWood two by fours in his garden since December waiting for termites to ingest the wood. "No sign of them," he continues in a locale that can witness termite and mold damage overnight. The 2,800 square foot, four bedroom, three bath home is scheduled for March completion.

Martin Distributors, the lumber wholesaler that supplied Broussard's lumber, has been carrying BluWood since 2008. Territory Manager James Gilland describes two reasons why his company is committed to the product. "First, BluWood is a green product," he says. BluWood is certified green because it improves air quality by resisting mold, which releases chemicals into the air that, when breathed, can create a multitude of health problems.

"Second, termites have always been a large factor for home builders and BluWood offers a lifetime warranty against rot and termites." Gilland, who is heading out to a weekend home show, says that BluWood generates a lot of interest from contractors, but even more attention from homeowners. "Our big sales are in home remodeling," he says, as people need to replace wood damaged by moisture and further destroyed by termites and mold.

"For architects, builders, contractors and home owners, BluWood is the solution for which they have been searching for decades," comments Mason McGowin, whose family has been in the forestry industry for over 100 years. McGowin is co-owner of Edgefield Lumber Company, headquartered in Loxley, Alabama and founded in 2006 to manufacture and distribute BluWood. "Now people have the best weapon to fight against mold and termite infestation in their homes, which could save them thousands of dollars in repairs."
Source: Edgefield Lumber Company