SAN DIEGO – San Diego has felt strong shaking from three big earthquakes in just three months.
Since April 4th we’ve experienced Easter Sunday’s 7.2 quake in Mexicali, a 5.7 quake in Imperial County on June 15th and Wednesday’s 5.4 quake in Borrego Springs.
Local Geologist Pat Abbott says we’re seeing a lot more activity then we’re used to here in San Diego.
Abbott says he’s focusing on the Laguna Salada fault line which produced Easter Sunday’s temblor and the San Jacinto fault, which moved in Wednesday’s 5.4 quake.
Abbott says those two fault lines are very vulnerable right now, “Might it trigger something else large?  Or are we seeing the last dying gasts of it?  We don’t know.  It’s sort of like we moved to a new ballgame for earthquakes for San Diegans,” says Abbott.
CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Nick Schuler says in the last three months earthquakes are something San Diegans have become more accustom to.  “This is a reminder of just how important an emergency kit is,” say Schuler.
Inside an emergency kit you should have enough food and water for 7 days, food for your Pet, a flashlight, cash, a radio, and a hard drive to store personal records.
“Unfortunately if a large earthquake does occur there is not going to be enough fire engines, ambulances to respond to everyone’s home,” says Schuler.
Reported by: Courtney Dwyer
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