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I am running for mayor of El Cajon because I believe that my experience and my abilities will create and accomplish a comprehensive plan of action that will tackle the problems in our city. El Cajon residents deserve higher standards. Sadly, mostly in the past decade, the onset of issues such as homelessness, housing affordability, and school safety are threatening the quality of life in our once revived and reputable city.
I have been a licensed real-estate professional since 1986; I bought my very first home in El Cajon in 1992. I have a deep love and appreciation for the city of El Cajon and the people who make it such a very special place. It is for those reasons that I want to take my city in a different and more positive direction.

I have seen many positive changes especially downtown being built up. Everyone was full of optimism for a bright future in an up-and-coming community that would have a contemporary-retro style. Unfortunately, in the past decade there has been a slow degradation of our community. In the last 5 years the decline of housing affordability combined with an increase in the homeless population has become so pronounced that many El Cajon residents now are losing hope within this great city that once was.


The resources we need have been slowly stripped away. The solution is to go back to what works and restore programs that addressed and prevented these issues. These programs include:
• Outreach community programs for physical and mental health
• Job training programs and self-improvement education
• Mandatory drug rehab programs in lieu of jail sentences
• Enforcement of loitering laws with an increase of shelter support systems
• Security in our schools
Obviously, I will support the first responders in El Cajon regardless of the results of the campaign to accomplish the vision that will allow a turnaround of the issues affecting our city. We can do this without any additional city taxes.
Yes, that means I want to cut taxes and relieve the burden upon the people and families of El Cajon and on the businesses that should be thriving in our community. The funds we need are readily available from the State of California as well as the Federal Government.
My effective and dynamic leadership of the many city resources will achieve the goals of becoming a model city once again!
I am proud to be endorsed by the Democratic Party and East County Democratic Caucus. I will represent the interests of voters of all parties and most importantly, all citizens of the city of El Cajon, California. We can do this in a dignified manner, you are my people, all included, and there is a better way to serve you!
I am looking forward to meeting with you and I thank you for your support. Together we will start to return this city to success and prominence. 


1. Many new Programs that will transform El Cajon into the new city it was once meant to be.

2. We will attract many local businesses, to flourish with my support. Which will be enabled  through our platform and programs for the new city of El Cajon. 

3. Programs to once again grow and prosper our existing business owners.  

4. We area multicultural city, it is time we embrace and celebrate a new Renaissance. Fairs with; Food, music, indoor and outdoor concerts, theater plays, and the fine arts.

5. This will be done to raise prosperity, by increasing commerce, and tourism. 

6. Simple economics is to generate more income for El Cajon citizens and business local owners. 

7. Our fiscal policy will support increased budgets for our first responders; Police, Fire, and New Medical Community 

8. Neighborhood centers that once existed before the 1980’s. 

9. We will make obsolete the city tax and then eliminate the city tax once and for all. 

10. With your One Vote at a time, I will make this promise to each and every one of you.

One handshake at a time, you will see my conviction and sincerity, to get this promise fulfilled!  

I will do this with everyone I meet during my Campaign and after when inaugurated as the 

New Mayor of El Cajon.

Arnold Michael Levine

AKA (Arnie, Abraham, Avrum) Levine 

Vote Arnie Levine for Mayor of El Cajon on Tuesday November 8, 2022.

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