Ceiling fans versus air conditioners

Instead of running an air conditioner at a cost of 16 cents per hour or 43 cents per hour for central air, use a ceiling fan. If you use an air conditioner, select an ENERGY STAR variety, which will save 20 to 40 percent in energy consumption as compared with conventional air conditioners.

Don’t mess with the Energy Star Label

The EPA and the Obama administration are cracking down on ENERGY STAR knockoffs and imitators that are claiming to be energy efficient without the amperage to back up their claims. The move, which includes stepped up testing of products that claim to be ENERGY STAR-rated, is designed to ensure consumer confidence in the ENERGY STAR.
In the last four months, the EPA has taken steps against 35 appliance manufacturers, including the removal of the ENERGY STAR label from LG refrigerator-freezers that used more electricity than allowed under the program’s guidelines.
Overall, the EPA states that the number of violations has been small. For instance, the EPA’s independent Inspector General conducted a “spot check” of the program in 2009, testing 60 ENERGY STAR products. 59 of the 60 products met or exceeded the ENERGY STAR requirements. One product, a specific model of printer, failed on one of three tests (not entering “sleep mode” fast enough).
See http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/news/daily.cfm/hp_news_id=235 for more information.
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