homes southern California

Homes southern California

Millennials are finally diving into the housing market, and the numbers are impressive. Especially in California’s Bay Area, young adults are making their mark.

A Surge in San Francisco

In San Francisco, millennials are snapping up homes like never before. In 2023, a staggering 37.8 percent of new mortgages were issued to millennials aged 35 to 44. This comes from Redfin’s analysis of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data. It’s the highest share among the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S. Imagine the vibrant, tech-savvy community they’re building!

Oakland and San Jose Join the Trend

Oakland isn’t far behind. With 37.2 percent of new mortgages going to this age group, it’s clear millennials see potential in this dynamic city. San Jose follows closely, at 37.1 percent. Both cities offer great opportunities and a lively lifestyle, attracting young buyers ready to plant roots.

Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Beyond

Los Angeles, the city of dreams, shows 34.5 percent of its new mortgages going to millennials. Meanwhile, Anaheim, known for Disneyland and sunny vibes, stands at 33.2 percent. These cities are not just entertainment hubs but also home-buying hotspots for young adults.

San Diego, with its beautiful beaches and perfect weather, sees 31.8 percent of its new mortgages going to millennials. Sacramento, the state capital, rounds off the list at 30.9 percent. These cities are witnessing a wave of millennial homeowners, shaping the future landscape.

What’s Driving This Trend?

Why are millennials buying homes now? Several factors come into play. First, many have been saving for years, waiting for the right moment. With remote work becoming more common, location flexibility has also made a big difference. Plus, low mortgage rates have created an enticing opportunity for many to finally invest in their dream homes.


The millennial homeownership boom in California is a thrilling development. From San Francisco to San Diego, young adults are stepping up, investing in properties, and transforming communities. As they take over the mortgage market, they bring energy, innovation, and a fresh perspective to California’s vibrant cities. It’s an exciting time to watch the rise of millennial homeowners in the Golden State!

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