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All of the following services are at no cost to you (bank covers fees).

  • Realtor Services to help you Short Sale your house.
  • Real Mortgage Debt Relief.
  • Restore Your Credit.
  • Cash Back Bank Incentives. Up to $6,000
  • Confidential and Dignified Solution.
  • Top Short Sale Realty in San Diego County.
  •  Usually above the average success Rate.
  • 45 days to close escrow.

Who we are:

The County Properties Team was created by Arnie Levine, who is originally from New York City and is the owner of County Properties. He has 34 years experience in Real Estate in southern California. The County Properties Team and Broker has experience in Selling & Listing single family homes, condos and investment properties. We have bilingual agent that speak Spanish.

Stop foreclosure and put this crisis behind you today!

Are you a homeowner facing foreclosure? Getting to this point is definitely not a place in your life you ever anticipated, but it is absolutely one in which you need to address immediately. You are more than likely already aware of the potential negative consequences of a foreclosure, but have you yet fully understood the foreclosure saving options that countless of homeowners are working with lenders on to relieve them of their situation. One important factor that you must understand is that your lender wants to avoid a foreclosure just as you do. As a result, they are more than willing to negotiate with their borrowers to resolve the situation. The best part of this is that you do not have to wait until the last minute to get begin a negotiating process with your lender.


If you are in any of the following circumstances, you should begin working on your situation with a foreclosure specialist:

  • You are not yet behind on payments but judging from your finances you feel you may not be able to keep up with your current payment.
  • You are behind on payments (before your lender officially begins the default process).
  • Your lender has initiated the default process and you several months away from the foreclosure date.


The two most prominent ways in which a countless number of homeowners are working with their lenders is through a process known as a short sale or loan modification. A short sale is when a lender willingly agrees to receive less than the total loan balance during a home sale (this makes selling a home completely possible). A loan modification is when a lender will renegotiate the terms of your loan in order to provide the homeowner relief on their monthly payment.


If you are interested in gaining details on your situation to see just how a short sale or loan modification would work for your property, please complete the form below to get started. A foreclosure specialist dealing with properties in your area will be in touch with an analysis.


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