Here is a message from our preferred home loan lender,

If you are on the fence, it may be time to move forward.  Rates are on the rise!  Here are just a few ways that I can help.

  1. Multilingual Office
  2. Provide an interest rate quote with no credit pull. In minutes with a paystub, or retirement or self-employed document.
  3. Help you to get pre-approved if you would like to buy a new primary residence, second home or even an
  4. Assist you with refinancing your mortgage to reduce the payment, rate and or the term of your loan.
  5. Are you looking for a cash out refinance that can help you pay off debt, do home improvements or even to invest?  I can provide you with the best options available.  (Ask your CPA regarding the tax benefits of utilizing your homes equity)
  6. Has the bank turned you down? I can do loans that the standard banks can’t do.  We have Non-QM loans.  Working for a broker allows me to have a solution for almost every challenge when it comes to getting a home loan.”
  7. One stop shop with over 72 different lenders and banks to find you the best rate and the best terms!
  8. Having trouble with your existing loan behind in payments? Financial challenge or risking foreclosure we could solve that problem for most clients.

My programs bullet points

  • Bank statement loans to 90% Loan to Value.
  • Full-doc loans start at a 500 credit score.
  • Investment No Doc loans.
  • Owner-occupied Stated Income loans.
  • Tax ID number only loans.
  • Land and construction loans.
  • Jumbo loans.
  • Foreign National Financing.
  • Hard money loans 
  • HELOC to 90% loan to value  
  • Zero down payment 


  • Prime aggressive rates for Prime Loans.
  • 2 to 1 buydown purchase loans for the full doc.
  • 30-year loans start at 2% under the NOTE rate.

To get started-

Limor Carey

 President | Creative Home Mortgage