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Fallbrook has rural beauty and solid community values which have allowed the Greater Fallbrook and Bonsall areas to be viewed as model communities in endeavors such as art, land conservation, health care, business enhancement, and many more. Fallbrook has a small town feel to it, because there are mostly owner owned shops versus large mall retail centers. Though full of life and art Fallbrook is a very quaint district. This area reflects a district richness of talent. Also, Fallbrook has a mass arrival of highly acclaimed artists and a growing art foundry that offers an assortment of classes.

Many of the shows at the Art Center at Fallbrook are now drawing nationwide attention. A short 18-mile drive from the Pacific Ocean, the Fallbrook area is well known for its rolling hills, lush groves, ancient oak trees, walking trails, and its nature preserves. Fallbrook has a Fallbrook Land Conservancy which helps to protect the sought-after environment. The Save Our Forest and Treescape arm of the organization carefully plants hundreds of trees annually to enhance the environment. Fallbrook is also host to a variety of events throughout the year, including musical concerts, theatre productions, golf and sporting events, Farmer’s Market, and more.

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