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Just north of San Diego downtown is the community of Pacific Beach. Neighbors of Pacific Beach include La Jolla and Mission Beach. A seaside community, Pacific Beach offers all the fun of city living with the relaxed charm of a beach town. …Read More

Pacific Beach is a fun and lively neighborhood with spectacular ocean views that draw many San Diegans looking for a home. There are many recreational areas in Pacific Beach including Pacific Beach Community Park, Palisades Park, Kate O Sessions Memorial Park, Santa Clara Point Community Park, and Mission Bay Golf Course. These locations capture the oceanic beauty of the area and offer residents a convenient getaway.

Pacific Beach is a very diverse community, attracting the young and old alike. Because it is a fun beach town, it attracts a younger population of surfers, college students, and young professionals. The nightlife in Pacific Beach is a vibrant one because of this younger population with many choices of bars and eateries. Because this area is becoming increasingly popular, there is a rising affluent professional population of residents growing in the area.

Pacific Beach is nearby Mission Bay, the beautiful salt-water bay that is a favorite destination in the area. Visitors to Mission Bay can enjoy Mission Bay Park, an enormous manmade aquatic park which offers space for those interested in wakeboarding, jet-skiing, sailing, and camping. To access this, most visitors travel through Pacific Beach. In the actual area of Pacific Beach, there are also numerous natural wonders to enjoy including the San Juan Cove, Santa Barbara Cove, North Cove, Santa Clara Cove and Sail Bay.

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Pacific Beach Real Estate

Pacific Beach is a neighborhood of San Diego, inhabited by young people, surfers, and college students. Now the population is becoming a bit older and professional due to rising property and rental costs. "P.B.," like peanut butter, but missing the jelly, is its name...

Pacific Beach Real Estate

Pacific Beach is the most popular beach in San Diego, CA. It has wonderful oceanfront beaches as well as a residential community and homes for college students. The community extends around 3 miles along the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Beach provides dining adventure being...