Client Testimonials

I highly recommend a partnership with the County Properties Team! As our Realtor® they brings heart and soul to finding the perfect abode and meeting all needs of living in comfort. County Properties helped me to determine exactly what I was looking for in this important purchase and then worked tirelessly to help me to find the perfect new home. County Properties has the ability to focus entirely on the specific needs of their clients and then to sift out the possible properties until the right one is found. They are extremely knowledgeable about her service area and is complemented by a host of resources to assist a new home buyer.


Thank you so much for all your help during this whole process! You’ve been a great resource for our family. I’m very excited to be living in our new home in San Diego. Thanks, again!


This is to express my gratitude for County Properties and your help in the purchase of the La Mesa property. It was your experience and professionalism that always impressed me, and help me to make the right decision.
All my friends and relatives have already heard about what a great team you are together, and how your hard work made choosing the right property so easy.

Flora Johnson R. N., B.S.N.

Arnie and Lisa have helped me to sell 2 properties and recently to buy a new property. Arnie has gone above and beyond his duties to help me contract inspectors and negotiate with the seller during the home buying process. Arnie has even met me at the new home and rolled up his sleeves to help me inspect work completed before close of escrow. He is a very kind and patient realtor. He is always available for questions. He is prompt to return calls and to get back to you with the information you need. During the selling process, Arnie spent as much time as I needed to explain the processes and ensured that I had a full understanding of the process ahead of me. I would recommend this team to any person buying or selling a home.All my friends and relatives have already heard about what a great team you are together, and how your hard work made choosing the right property so easy.

Marjorie Willis

Arnie Levine and County Properties team did a tremendous job in helping my husband and I sell our home. We were convinced that we had to short sale, but with their effort, we were able to sell through conventional sale. Instead of getting little to no money, we were able to receive over $10k. I certainly recommend Arnie and County Properties to anyone looking to sell their home. Thank you.

Paul and Heather Newman

We were looking for a REO property in an outlying suburb of San Diego. My husband found Arnie & Lisa Levine Realtors® for County Properties on the internet, and we couldn’t have been happier. They have a lot of expertise in REO properties and their advice was great. They understood, very quickly, what we were looking for and helped narrow our search down. Their website is easy to use and very helpful. During the escrow process they were encouraging, and applied light pressure just where and when it was needed. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are a lot of fun! They made our buying experience really great.

Linde & Kevin Gilbert

My wife Nerissa and I want to extend our sincere appreciation to our Realtor® for County Properties. He was very instrumental in the search, purchase, and eventuality of closing on our first home in, Riverside Ca. Our County Properties agent worked extremely hard helping us submit many offers, in a very difficult Real Estate Market, eventually getting one of the offers accepted on a very beautiful home.

Dennis Dufour

Arnie, thanks for your help and expertise on the sale of our house! We really appreciated your personal touch. We felt like we were in good hands all the way. Please pass on our thanks to Lisa too. She was a great resource and a big help during the whole process.

Joe & Linda

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for your efforts in assisting me to find and buy my lovely house. You were so professional in your job. I’ve checked several brokers, most of them were doing their job in a way they just want you to buy a house in any way, I felt uncomfortable. Then I was lucky to find you, you were so honest, trustful, helpful and reliable. The other thing that made more comfortable to work with you is that you work as a team, for sure; teams are more productive than single broker especially if they are Lisa and Arnie. I recommended dealing with you to all my friends and relatives; also I’ll recommend you for anyone who need to sell or by a house in the future. I’m so glad and happy to know you and work with you.

Ghassan F Jalal

Thank you so much for all your help with the purchase of my new condominium. Being a short sale I was concerned about all the potential problems we might encounter. I have heard you could spend a lot of time and energy with this kind of sale and in the end it doesn’t go through. However, it was not so in this case. With all your diligent work and knowledge in the short sale process, it went very smooth and I felt confident from the beginning. You kept me informed at all times and what to expect next. I would definitely do another short sale, or for that matter, any real estate purchase through you again. Thank you so much for everything.

William Netolicky

It has been an absolute pleasure working with County Properties. We must have gone through about 4 agents before we happened upon you by chance…and we are very grateful we did. Though we don’t have plans to move for MANY more years to come you will definitely be on our ” tell our friends ” list. Thank you for your personal and professional handling of our search for a new home. As far as the garage door opener goes…you have done SO much for us and I appreciate the offer, we will just swing by home depot and add it to our list. Thank you again for the gift card it helps curb the bite of all those pesky new home needs. By the way if you have the extra key for the house…keep it, dump it…we are having the house re-keyed this weekend per your recommendation.


County Properties ( made the short sale process a lot a less scary and complicated than we thought it was going to be. There are many stories out there about how the process takes to long and cant be done in a timely matter. In the case with the County Properties Team things went smoothly and quickly. I would advise anyone in a similar situation, to consider a short sale. The damage to our credit was minimal. We purchased a new truck a month later and had no problem with the financing the interest rate is great. We will be able to buy a new house in 2 years and wont show a foreclosure. With economy the way it is if you are in over your head don’t wait! Thank you County Properties Team for all you help to make this process easier and answering all of our questions (there were a lot of those!) We wish you the best!

Paul and Heather Newman