Rancho Santa Fe The Rancho Santa Fe Association has also made an effort to protect and enhance the community, its natural resources, quality of life and community character. Rancho Santa Fe continues to be a highly desirable place to live which is reflective of the care and regulation which the development of the community has proceeded. There are winding rural roadways, rolling eucalyptus-covered hills, green pastures and citrus groves. The Community has been able to preserve so much of its rural ambiance and historic architectural character due to its system of governance and the steadfast commitment of Covenant residents. Under the authority of the Protective Covenant, the Rancho Santa Fe Association has successfully adapted to changing conditions while preserving the fundamental goals established in the 1920’s, and will continue to maintain them for future generations.
From the parents and neighbors who constructed the Aliso Canyon School of 1905 to the community supported school addition of 1992 and programs of the present, Rancho Santa Fe has worked to plan and provide well for its children. They have worked to be prepared for becoming participating and successful citizens. They seek to provide a school which academically and in all regards reflects their splendid community and enhances the values and welfare of all their citizens.